11. Preparation Location “Markthalle Neun” Tuesday 3rd of July


  12. Three Characters

    During the garage sequence, we give extreme characterizing directions in order to create situations: 

    GAEL : Introverted, Impulsive, Territorial, Defensive 

    PIERRICK : Playful, Crafty, Provocative, Sadic, Mocking

    YANN : Emotive, Tense, Fearful, Quick


  13. Studio Location, Shooting on the 5th of July

    Pfuelstraße 5

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  14. Garage Location, Shooting on the 4th of July

    Melchiorstraße 9

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  15. Brief Presentation of the Video

    "Game Iz Over" is an edgy synth punk tune, extremely nervous and rough, nonetheless produced with a millimetrical care. The feeling of violence is from the beggining affirmed. 

    An effect of contrast will be achieved by editing in parallel the two sequences, which have an opposite dynamic and image feel. The video will be in Black & White.

    The two sequences are :

    - STUDIO Setup: Three kings

    Each member will be presented as a King or Knight in a Studio Photo Shooting setup.

    They will be doing a hands choreography synchronized to the lyrics while having no face expression and moves. The shots will be very static and uncluttered (minimal). 

    - ABANDONED GARAGE : The Battle

    The three guys are living in this abandoned place, playing kids games.

    The games will evolve into some fight and dynamic situations, revealing the extreme, rough and pure emotions of childhood. The carnal, almost erotic aspect of fighting will be also captured. 

    The camera will almost always being in movement, reinforcing the high tension moments that will happen.